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Putting in the time to curl your halo correctly makes all the difference to keep your halo low maintenance!
Here are all the tips you need to replicate the curls we do on your halo here in the salon!
Try these tips out and let me know how it goes!

How to Curl and Style!

halocouture halo  

You guys have asked for this video for so long and I can see why! You ladies with superfine hair can wear both styles! Your main concerns are usually if you have enough hair to hide it and if it will look realistic!
Mikaya was a great model to show this on because she does have a very fine hair texture and the same rules apply for those of you with much much less.
Because of all of the customizing options we offer we can make a halo piece very discreet!
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Original vs Layered

halocouture halo

on fine hair 

I’ve grown and learned more about the halos in my years as a distributor and I need to correct a statement I always have said…
EVERYONE can wear an original halo or a layered Halo no matter how thick or thin your hair is… the only difference is how and when you can wear either one!
Here I show and explain how Thick hair or “Fine but a lot of it” can wear both styles!

Original vs Layered 

halocouture halo  

on thick hair

We can never have too many tips when comes to placing your halo for the first time! 

With the proper placement, your halo will stay in place all day long without any slipping or moving! 

Halo Placement Tips 

halocouture halo  


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