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A Halo is hand tied wefts, stacked on top of each other and machine sewn together to create a hair piece that sits along your natural head shape. The Halo sits snug against your scalp and secured with an invisible wire to lay flat and discrete underneath the crown of your hair. The Halo is made of 100% real hair and is a customized blend of color to match your own hair. You can use these variety of pieces to add fullness & volume to your own hair or add length for everyday wear or glamorous locks for fun!

What is a Halo?

Ensemble hair halo  

The Natural Density Halo is for a more natural thickness. On very fine haired clients this absolutely makes a huge impact by adding a significant amount of hair but still looking realistic because it lays very flat to the head and with adding some layering and face framing it most definitely can mimic what your hair could be if it was just thicker naturally. This is also a great option for just adding fullness to your existing length if your hair is thicker. The Natural Halo comes as long as a 16" length.

The Full Density Halo is 30-40% thicker than the Natural Density Halo and provides a more glamorous look that mimics the look of hand tied extension methods. The Full Halo is pre-layered and tiered to make a “rounder shape” by being the fullest through the middle and tapering off towards the ends. For some of us the Full Density may be the only option to blend with your hair if you have thick hair or a coarse texture. The Full Density Halo is also the best option when trying to achieve the most length difference that will blend with shorter hair. The Full Density Halo comes as long as a 24" Depending on length, density and coloring the price of a Halo ranges from $495 - $925

Density Options

the halo 

When it comes to washing your Halo extensions, the HaloCouture Travel Kit is essential and includes everything you need for the life of your halo. I can’t recommend it enough! As for the actual washing itself, the following steps will preserve and extend the life of your halo substantially, not to mention make it look silky and gorgeous.

1. Wet the extensions with cold water.
2. Apply Revive Shampoo.
3. Lather, moving in a downward direction
4. Rinse with cold water.
5. Apply Intense Therapy Mask.
6. Comb through to evenly distribute product.
7. Leave in for 5 minutes, then rinse with cold water.
8. Repeat steps 5-7 with Replenish Conditioner.
9. Wring out excess water and apply 2-3 drops of Serum.
10. Lay extensions on towel or hang to air dry.
11. When mostly dry, blowdry with a brush to smooth out before straightening or curling to style.

How to Care:

step by step:

protecting your investment 

- You can use heat on your extensions! I prefer to use a curling iron over a straightener because it is less damaging over time.
- You should brush your extensions before you put them in and after you take them out. If you are in windy weather or you’re typically active, then you may want to brush them in the middle of the day as well.
- When brushing your extensions, be sure to use one hand to hold the top of the weft in place and then brush.
- If your extensions feel dry (which will happen after a few wears) then spray them with SPRITZ from HaloCouture OR put a little bit of oil on your hands and run your fingers through the hair to rehydrate.

How to Style: 

hydration is key for your halo

Styling your extensions can often be a game changer in how well they blend with your real hair. That being said, it’s important to style safely in order to keep them as hydrated as possible. I truly believe I have perfected this process by keeping the following things in mind.


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